West Preparatory Academy's Mission

West Preparatory Academy, serving grades K-8, is dedicated to improving the lives of its students by providing authentic learning experiences in a collaborative, nurturing environment that will build a foundation for students success in school, at future work, and in life.

To achieve the mission, our School will integrate current learning technologies into the classroom, offer authentic learning experiences that are respectful of how children learn best, and offer a schedule and support activities that enable each student to achieve to his or her potential. We want our students to leave the School with the skills and abilities necessary to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success as lifelong learners. This mission requires the support of the faculty, staff, families, and community in order to encourage and empower students to be responsible and valued citizens.

State Testing Schedule

4/9: Grades 6-8 ELA Part 1
4/10: Grades 6-8 ELA Part 2
4/11: Grades 4-5 ELA Part 1
4/12: Grades 4-5 ELA Part 2
4/17: Grade 3 ELA Part 1
4/18: Grade 3 ELA Part 2
4/23: Grades 6-8 Math Part 1
4/24: Grades 6-8 Math Part 2
4/25: Grade 3 Math Part 1
4/26: Grade 3 Math Part 2
4/27: Grades 4-5 Math Part 1
4/30: Grades 4-5 Math Part 2