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Art Show

Student Art Show

Come show your support and be amazed by the talents we have here at West Prep!

May 4th @ 5:30pm - 7:30pm


Title I Spring Forum

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 6:00 pm West Preparatory Academy will be holding a meeting to discuss all federal program grants for the 2016-2017 school year. These grants include: Title I, Title 2a, & IDEA (Special Education.) We invite all parents/guardians and interested parties to attend this meeting. Location: 13111 Crossburn Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44135

Middle School Book Talks

In middle school we are presenting a twist on the traditional Book Report. Our students are giving "Book Talks".  Students have had several weeks to read a book of their choosing and then they had a packet with a rubric to plan a Book Talk presentation.  The students have completed much of this on their own and it has been fun to see them use thier creativity in thier presentations! Unlike a Book Report a Book Talk doesn't give away the end of the book!!

Jump Rope Performance

The West Prep students put on quite a show! All students, staff and some parents and family members were treated to a show of jump rope skills. A few boys and girls had butterflies in the their stomachs but they were brave and stepped up to perform! Our show began with our youngest West Prep students and progressed towards our oldest, showing off their favorite and best jump skills. Following the individual jumpers were the group routines where students presented some routines they used in class or created additional pieces.

Earth Science in Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is starting an Earth Science unit, beginning with weather and the water cycle.  This will lead us into weathering and erosion.  Here the students are making a foldable of their vocabulary words.

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope For Heart at West Prep is underway! This past week guests from the American Heart Association stopped by to spread the word about Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH). Jump Rope for Heart is to help the American Heart Association save lives and consists of two parts. The first part is what we do in class for our own hearts. JRFH helps kids be healthy by teaching us about our hearts and how to take care of them. Over the next several classes students in all grades can expect to participate in jump rope themed lessons in gym class.

Math Stations

In 2nd grade, we have been working on stations! Certain students work on money in fun and new games. These students are playing the allowance game to learn how to earn money and the cost of living in a fun way.

Interactive Notebooks

In Third Grade, we have been working with interactive notebooks.  We have notebooks for Math, Reading, and Language.  As you can see, we love using our creativity to show our knowledge.  

Exploring The Constitution

In Ms. Fortuna's Social Studies class, 8th grade explored the development of the Constitution. They learned that our Constitution developed three branches of government. A system of checks and balances ensures one branch does not gain more power than another.  To apply checks and balances, 8th grade divided into a House of Representatives and a Senate.  They developed a bill for consideration for ratification.  Within each house of Congress, they argued the pros and cons of the proposed bill.  Once it passed the House, it moved to the Senate.  The Senate found some issues in the proposed bill and sent it back.  Through compromise and hard work, the bill passed both houses. As a class, they wrote their bill proposal for Ms. Heyman to approve or use her Presidential Veto.

Sequencing Foldables

In first grade, we have been learning about sequencing within a nonfiction text. We practiced finding what happened "first, next, then, and last." We discussed how we use our context clues to find what happens in sequential order. Above, Ramello created his foldable which organized the information learned from a story about breakfast and how certain foods are made!