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Creative Poetry

The 7th and 8th grade classes completed a creative writing assignment.  The students took their hopes and dreams for 2016 and composed poems!  Creative writing is one area that all of the students enjoy and they love seeing their work displayed in the hallway!

Reading Groups

Our reading groups continue to work hard. Mrs. Maynard's (Title I K-5 Math) group is working on sequencing using a book about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life. Miss Moore's (Title I Middle School) group has been working on main idea and key details using a book about the history of jeans. Mrs. Montgomery's (Title I K-5 Reading) group has been busy working on fluency.

Literacy Stations in Kindergarten

In Mr. Marcrum's Kindergarten class we have started using our reading literacy stations. These stations enhance student literacy skills in reading and writing. One of the stations created for the class include a word work station. This station encourages students to recognize each word  by saying  and writing. Another station that the children adore is the listening station. This is where student's can pick a book of their choosing and follow along in the story while they listen.

Literacy Stations in 4th Grade

Fourth grade is in full swing with Literacy Work Stations.  Students get to  work on a variety of ELA skills, such as vocabulary, spelling, poetry, writing, research, etc.  During this time they will also be working in small groups with the teacher for guided reading instruction.  The students love it!  They are having fun and learning all at the same time.

SUCCESS on the MAP Tests!

West Preparatory Academy has been busy showing what we know!  Students in grades K-8 have been taking the NWEA MAP online assessment to record their knowledge growth from the beginning of the year.  Many students across the school have already surpassed their goals that they set for the end of the school year!  The teachers are all so proud of our students and how hard they worked.  We are excited to see how much more the students learn in the last half of the year!

Big Win!

Recently, the WPA Girls Basketball Team won their game over Lincoln Prep.  Coach Morgan Musson is here with the girls after their come back from a behind win!  The girls team has been working hard in practice and it is showing on the court!  During school it is great seeing the girls take such pride in their team, wearing their uniforms and being there for each other.  We hope they continue to win and enjoy their season!

Thank You!

Thanks to the Gromofsky family, the West Prep community now has a kiln! This electric kiln will be used to solidify all of the clay projects students will be making once assembled. Being the highly valuable item that it is, very few schools own a kiln--to have it donated to WPA is a miracle. Much thanks to the Gromofsky family and the WPA community for changing the future of Art Class!

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

In first grade, we read the story Squirrels New Years resolution. We pulled out the main idea and students were asked to write details from the story. Students also wrote and drew the characters and setting from the story.

Masters of Long Division

Long Divison

The fifth grade has been studying Long Division.  Our class has worked very hard to master how to divide 1 and 2 digit divisors with dividends up to 4 and 5 digits!!!  They have been doing a great job, using the tool Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Rover to help them remember to Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, and Remainder.  On Thursday, January 14th, they took their Long Division Unit Test and did a fabulous job at "Showing What they Know!"

Properties of Matter

Properties of Matter

The Third Graders have been working through a unit on matter.  While learning about the different properties of matter, the students created hats that would protect them on a deserted island.  They tested and chose materials that could absorb moisture and were rigid and soft enough to wear.  They then presented their hats and explained the materials that they used.  The students truly enjoyed themselves.